Alexandra Aoki Essay

Senior year has flashed by right before my eyes! First the SATs, then college applications, and now high school graduation in a few weeks!  What a jam-packed year! However, at the same time I have overcome many obstacles that have further prepared me for the journey ahead.  One of my primary goals is to attend a four-year university in the mainland. I was excited to be accepted to Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo!  I cant wait to start my college life in California!  Along with obtaining a very important college education, I look forward to meeting new people, living in a different environment, and experiencing an unfamiliar lifestyle from Hawaii.  At Cal Poly SLO, I plan to major in Business Marketing.  I believe that marketing plays a very important role in many companies.  Creating marketing plans to promote a company’s business is exciting to me!  It allows me to be creative, with a defined purpose.  As Cal Poly has established a very high percentage rate of job placements for their graduating seniors, I plan to first obtain a job in the mainland to gain valuable and solid work experience. I believe that I would enjoy working in the mainland for a national or multi-national firm.  While I am open to gaining work skills on the mainland, I hope to return to Hawaii to pursue marketing in the fields of tourism or retail.  Tourism is a great field to be in while living in Hawaii due to our many worldwide attractions.  Increasing our tourist count to the Big Island would provide growth in our community and boost our local economy.  I also feel that Retail would be a smart field for me to pursue because I enjoy shopping, have a keen eye for customer appeal and would feel confident in marketing retail items.  While I agree with the philosophy of encouraging youth to venture to the mainland to expand their life experiences, I truly want to return to Kona to be with my family and community. Kona is where my strong roots have been planted.  Rather than digging out my Kona roots and re-planting them in the mainland, I hope to strengthen my branches to wherever my next move will be.  I firmly believe that in the last few years I have grown into a stronger and more capable individual.  I have the Konawaena Wrestling Program, Konawaena Leadership Class and the Kona 4-H Federation to thank for that!  Being a four-year wrestler has taught me how to be disciplined and mentally tough.  Wrestling is twenty percent physical and eighty percent mental.  Having a strong, positive and focused mind helped me with those last extra points needed to win a match!  Actively participating in high school activities has taught me that students can get the job done!  As a student member of the Leadership Class, I’ve organized many school activities, have served on work committees and have accepted different roles and responsibilities.  The Kona 4-H Federation is a remarkable youth development program that teaches many valuable life skills and encourages involvement in community service.  In my twelve years as a 4-Her, I have conducted Federation meetings as the President, chaired a Drug and Alcohol Awareness Dance, participated in Demonstration Day, and served as a participant and Master of Ceremonies for the 4-H Spectacular.   With these many Kona offerings, I feel fortunate and confident that I have gained the individual tools to perform optimally in college and look forward to paving new paths for my future. As I grow my next “branch” at Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo, I will always practice the life skills that I learned here in Kona.