Alyx Capri Essay

This fall I will be attending Santa Barbara City College under a transfer plan to the University of California Santa Barbara.  I chose SBCC because it offers a strong Global Studies program which includes a semester abroad and can be further advanced at the University level. My career goals are to become involved in International Business or Foreign Affairs and work for the government to help bring the world closer together.

I have a great interest in travel, cultures, and languages. I believe I can really benefit from this school and educational track and as a result become a productive world citizen. Attending the University of California gives me the opportunity to continue my education in a very diverse community.  Growing up on the Island of Hawaii has influenced me in so many ways with the diversity in cultures, the location, and the community.  To live among such a diverse community of cultures has been amazing and enriching, as well as allowing me to welcome people of all backgrounds into my life.

The community of Kailua-Kona was fairly small growing up, it seemed everyone knew each other. I grew up thinking every adult my parents were close to as my “auntie” or “uncle.”  My parents moved here thirty years ago and immediately got involved with the community and sports.  The community is very social with a lot of Aloha, so meeting and helping people is a part of my culture. I have learned that my community is also my family.

For most of my life, my biological extended family was on the Mainland and we never got to see them that often.  While I am in California, one of my goals is to visit my relatives more often and learn more about them.

As a child I was always around athletic events so I grew up involved with rodeo, soccer and Polynesian paddling. A few years ago, I began surfing as well. Growing up on the mountain of Hualalai and surfing at the beach fifteen minutes away has made me appreciate the environment and the uniqueness of our Islands landscape. Traveling to areas less fortunate has given me even more appreciation for our Island beauty.

From a broad perspective, the location of our Islands, in the middle of the Pacific, presents a very big challenge for Islanders.  We tend to be isolated from World events and even those within our own Country.  Luckily, my parents could afford for us to travel and broaden my horizon with the world. My parents also introduced me to visitors from around the world and included me in their conversations.

Last year, I was an Exchange Student with the Rotary Club of Kona and spent a year abroad in Lecco, Italy.  I met interesting people, learned about the culture and even learned Italian. I also got experience traveling independently. With the Italian school, I ventured to Barcelona and London.  All of this has influenced me to have the desire to experience other cultures and life styles around the World.  The exposure to cultural, religious, economical and environmental diversity of our Islands has prepared me to welcome my journey into the world, with excitement, acceptance and graciousness.