Chelsea Gans’s Essay

Attending a college in California has been a goal of mine since I entered high school. California has a great school system where I will enjoy obtaining a higher degree in education, and still be close to home.

Academics have always been a priority for me. I have managed to keep my grades high, taking honors and AP courses when they’ve been available. I’ve learned responsibility, time-management, persistence and hard work. Earning high A’s and B’s in these courses has taught me that I can achieve anything that I put great effort into. By attending school in California, I intend to carry over my academic skills and put them to use in a more challenging setting. I hope that the skills I’ve learned will help pave the road for furthering my education.

Although I haven’t chosen a major, I know that I want to take courses in Liberal Arts, allowing me to pursue my interest in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, and biology, all exciting areas of study. I want a career that won’t confine me to a cubicle, but rather lets me explore and be “hands-on.” I’d rather be working outside, than be in an office from nine to five. I also want a career that lets me enjoy my family and be a part of their growing up. And most of all, I plan to have a career that truly makes me happy and look forward to getting up in the mornings.

Growing up in Hawaii has been a wonderful experience. Hawaii is a great place to be because it offers experiences in Marine Biology, Archaeology and Anthropology. The beautiful coral reefs made the environment suitable for taking field trips to study marine life and the local artifacts from old Hawaii made learning Hawaiian culture more hands on.

Living in Kona for my whole life, I’ve learned that if you want something to happen, you’ve got to make it happen. I have learned to make the most of opportunities set before me. Growing up in Kona has taught me that dreaming big is only half of reaching my goals; achieving my goals is what will make them a reality.