Daniel Beaver Essay

California is a great stepping stone towards my career in computer science.  I plan to go to Santa Barbara City College for two years to take my pre-requisites and then go on to the University of California Santa Barbara to finish my four years of schooling.  California presents lots of opportunity and education options for me and I want to expericne life out of Hawaii.  As of now, computer science and business are the two majors, that i am considering, and i think California will be able to provide both of them for me.  Both schools have a greally good curriculum on both majors and schools are ranked close to the top of the nation.
Last summer, I went to California to look at schools and i fell in love with the atmosphere of Santa Barbara.  I fit in really well there and love the campus at the city college.  The city college campus is located right on the beach which is perfect for my passion of beach volleyball.  I also plan to attempt to walk on SBCC’s Men’s volleyball team and hopefully get recruited by UCSB’s volleyball team.
Growing up in Kona made me realize  that i want to be something big and not just stay here for the rest of my life living an average life.  I want to pursue my own career and eventually expand my brother’s business in California.  The public school system in Hawai is not hte greatest, but students get what they put into it.  Most students are lazy and cruise through all for years of high school passing with borderline grades.  If students work hard all four years, they can make something out of it and get a decent start for college.
I’ve attended Konawaena from kindergarten through high school and have learned a lot from going to school here.  I’ve seen good kids get involved with bad things and end up in detrimental places. I know better than to follow and be like them.  I want something to become of my life.  People always told me that one day I would be something big, and i don’t want to let them down.  It is time for a change of pace from this Kona living, and I have a good feeling California will bring me that.