Mark Simpliciano’s Essay

Growing up in Kona was not only influential to me because of the location I was in, but by my family who surrounded me. For the first six years of my life both my parents and I lived among my grandparents along with my uncles, aunties and cousins; not the typical  American household, nevertheless my family are not typical Americans. Majority of my family members were immigrants from the Philippines. My grandparents came here along with their seven children, in hopes that they can provide their children the promises of the American Dream. My mother emigrated here by herself from the Philippines as well, filled with the yearning to provide the family she left behind with money to escape poverty.

Being brought into my family, I became a first-generation American of our family; I was here because of the struggles and triumphs my family went through to get here. Being raised by my family of immigrants has tremendously influence me by the person I am today and the dreams I contain for tomorrow.

The Filipino culture, beliefs, and values my family holds, has lead me to be more tolerant, respectful of one another no matter what the differences may be. My father told me once, “never tease people because their not form America, because when I came into high school I was the one being teased because I just came from the Philippines.” With that lesson I learned to be open to other cultures and minorities because of the similarities I can relate to, and never humiliate someone because of their difference.

Being raise by a family who has dealt with a straining journey to come here to America, just so they could make a life for the generations to come inspires me to become determined and motivated. If my parents and grandparents could leave everything behind a rise triumphant by dedication and hard work, I too could work to the very best of my ability trough motivation and persistence to reach the impossible.

The great effort my family has gone through to get here has shaped my aspirations for tomorrow as well. I intend to go to San Diego State University majoring in political science. Throughout my years in school I want to intern for one of San Diego’s promising politician who plays a huge role in the Filipino community, overall my main career goal is to become a politician. By becoming a politician I yearn to help those who are struggling to rise triumphant. I want to make life for immigrants easier for them to reach their American dream; they have gone through so much just to be in the bottom of class of America. Most importantly I want to create better lives for our fellow Americans, and ensure that the American Dream is given by those who have not yet reached this dream or those who doubt it, because I myself has seen that dream come alive. I yearn to take my career in politics to new heights, dreaming one day to become United State Senator or even Hawaii’s second United States President.

Overall my past is what makes the person I am today and the person I dream of becoming in the future. I came here by the dreams of my parents and I want to live out their dreams of grasping the promises of America, which I can reach anything my heart yearns for.