Westin San Diego and Kona-Cali help send the youth of Hawaii to college 6/1/12- 8/31/12

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We have linked up with The Westin San Diego and the Coast restaurant to offer you “A Breakfast Buffet helps earn a Bachelor’s Degree.”  This program is aimed to help the youth of Hawaii attend college here in California.  The emphasis of their studies will be in either Hospitality Management or Business.

$1.00 of all breakfast buffet’s sold during the summer months of June, July, and August will be donated to The Kona-California Scholarship.  The money will be used to fund a “special hospitality scholarship” as well as a portion to help fund The Kona-California Scholarship.

Other future ideas include helping the recipients with an internship program where they can utilize their skills they have learned in school and apply them in the real world as an intern for Westin.

Mahalo Westin for your kokua!

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